Ariccia (EN)

Ariccia, the twin town of Lichtenfels, is a tranquil little town situated on the southern slopes of the Alban Hills, about 30 km from Rome. In terms of population, it is somewhat smaller than the German city of basket. Geographically, Ariccia is easy to find because it is situated between two beautiful volcanic lakes, Lake Arban (Lago Albano) and Lago di Nemi. Landmarks are the bridge of Ariccia, an imposing huge structure, which in former times served as an aqueduct. Not to forget Palazzo Chigi, the former ducal palace of the Chigi family and the culinary specialty of our twin town – the porchetta, a type of suckling pig typically seasoned with Mediterranean herbs. Many people are also familiar with Castel Gandolfo, the former summer residence of the Pope, which is enthroned above Lago Albano, and the town of Frascati, about 25 km away, which will be familiar to wine lovers. The Castelli Romani, an association of 16 communities in the Arban Hills, are also worth exploring at any time.

In other words, the two twin towns of Ariccia and Lichtenfels and their surroundings are both rich in cultural highlights as well as natural beauty and culinary specialties and are always worth a visit. This and the fact that one does not stay as a normal „tourist“, but as a friend among locals, make the exchange visits and their planning always an experience.