Cournon (EN)

Our twin town Cournon in France is a vibrant, cosmopolitan little town not far from Clermont-Ferrand. It is located in a beautiful landscape between volcanic cones and lakes with a wide variety of leisure and sports activities. Romanesque churches as well as castles and palaces in the surrounding countryside are among the sights. The many culinary delights of the region round off any visit to Cournon.

With a population of about 20,500, „les Cournonnais / Cournonnaises“, Cournon is the second largest town in the department of Puy-de-Dôme (63), Auvergne. Located five minutes southeast of Clermont-Ferrand, it is part of the Clermont Auvergne Métropole metropolitan area. The town has five kindergartens, four elementary schools, two collèges [comparable to junior high school] and a high school, as well as nearly 200 clubs.

Town partnerships exist with Ariccia (Italy) and with Lichtenfels (for 30 years). There is also cooperation with Cuba and Mali.

Our partnership with Cournon lives among other things from the mutual student exchange between the Meranier Gymnasium and the Lycée in Cournon as well as from the mutual visits of the members of the town twinning committees. For some years there have also been close contacts with „La Banda“, a group of the orchestra „Batterie Fanfare“, through visits to the Basket Market.

On our trips to Cournon (every 2 years), we make several stops on 2 days to see sights on the way to Cournon. These included Burgundy with Beaune, Colmar, Speyer, Nancy, Wissembourg, Vitra Design Museum, Bourg en Bresse and many other cathedrals, castles and chateaux.*

The basket market or Schützenfest are popular dates for visits.